Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blendtec Recipes

Here are the recipes from the Blendtec Demonstration (back in August...sorry so late!):

Click on the name of the recipe to go to the webpage.

Exfoliation Mask (for your face--not to eat)

Tortilla Soup

We also drank a very refreshing smoothie. There's no recipe for it, just add fruit (frozen and/or fresh), veggies, and ice. Thanks to Debra Newcum for having us over that night.

Cooking 101

Last Tuesday evening Joanne Poulson and Esther Davis taught a very informative (and yummy) interest group on how to use your 3-month food storage supply in various recipes. We ate two different chicken dinners, apple crisp, and chocolate cookies. Below are the recipes demonstrated as well as a few helpful handouts. (Click on the image to enlarge it. You can also zoom in on the image if you open the image in a "new tab.") Thanks Joanne and Esther for a such a delicious night!

Pictures from A Soleful Celebration

We again want to thank everyone who participated in this fun event! And special thanks to Karen Brantzeg for these pictures!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Next BEST Holiday is....General Conference!

Ever since David was a Bishop (25 years ago), I have looked at General Conference as the best family event of the year. Of course in 1987, we would have to go to the Stake Center to watch it but David was right on the row with me and our very bored (can't lie on this one) 7 children. I would plan for Sunday (Saturday was not really an option as they had so many games/sports) like for a vacation with all things needed to keep them distracted (no pretending they would be as enthralled as me) while I soaked up enough "spiritual courage" to last another 6 months.
THEN, came General Conference on cable and that meant I could stay home and watch conference and not care as much how the children acted which was even a bigger high for me. By then David was in Stake leadership so he would take all the children to the Stake Center for the Sunday afternoon session and I would be home alone to hear and feel and think - all at the same time.
Now, with the calling I have and the Sunday responsibilities involved, General Conference is once more an oasis of calm, peace, instruction, and inspiration. It seems even emergencies take a break for Conference!
I find myself counting the days till General Conference (10 days) and wondering what "theme" I will hear from the Lord and which ways my conscience will be pricked and how much peace I will feel. I need this General Conference - a "fire hose" full of water to my well.
This Sunday will serve as our Fast Sunday and I will be teaching the President's Message. And, as you might guess, I will be talking about PREPARING FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE to have the greatest spiritual impact. Please come with a memorable conference address or a personal shift you have made from the impact of a conference talk.
We are on a countdown...10 more days!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

RS Announcements

We had a lot of announcements today in Relief Society. Here they are for you, in case you missed them:

1. Thank you everyone who participated in our activity last Tuesday night. It was a great turn-out! (Pictures are coming so keep checking back!)
2. Great job to the Primary today and all your children!
3. This Tuesday night is Cooking 101 at Joanne Poulsen's house, 7pm. We will be learning recipes that use food from our 3-month supply.
4. This Saturday night is the General Relief Society Meeting. We will meet at the Stake Center (900 Bowser, Richardson) at 5:30pm for dinner. We will then be privileged to view the satellite broadcast at 7:00pm. Attire is Sunday best since we will be in the chapel.
5. Next Sunday is Fast Sunday.
6. General Conference is October 6 & 7.
7. We will have an Interest Group on October 9 at Debra Newcum's house, 7pm. We will be making origami books. More details to come. In the meantime, be looking for cute 12x12 scrapbook paper that you like. You'll need two sheets of the same, one sheet of contrasting, and three sheets of color coordinating cardstock paper (all 12x12 size).
8. Stake Temple Day is October 12. Our ward has been assigned the 9am session and the 2pm session. Also, anyone is welcome to attend the sessions at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, and 8pm.
9. Stake Conference will be held on October 14. We will watch the broadcast at our building (Meandering Way) from 10am-noon.

Happy Sabbath!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Thanks so much to all who donated shoes to the "A Soleful Celebration of Women"  last evening.  The Young Women's goal was 50 pairs over three weeks, and  I'm certain we topped that number last evening.   The Dallas 4th Ward sisters are always so generous in  every service project you are asked to support, and we are so appreciative of how freely you give.  If you didn't already get a chance to donate a pair of shoes, there will be a box right outside the R.S. room the next two Sundays

We had about 85 sisters and young women in attendance last night, and we were scrambling for plates and cups and silverware in the end.  We had at least 4 investigators, and 7 or 8 sisters we haven't seen out lately.  Thanks also for your great missionary efforts to get these sisters out.

As always, Sister Bonnie Muir's food was delicious, and all those who brought salads etc., thanks for your contributions.

The beautiful invitations and decorations were thanks to Sister Marcia Herzog, and her creative talents.

Lastly, we were so excited to have the help and enthusiasm from our Young Women's group, and their leaders - who planned the fun activities, and for Sister Annie Reid's talk which beautifully reinforced the theme for the evening.
We ended with a musical number by the Adair and Morphis Moms and their girls in Y.W.

Thanks again to all who Celebrated Womanhood, and the shoes they wear!

Monday, September 17, 2012

That the Lost May be Found

Have you ever lost your way? Have you ever had someone you love and care for deeply lose their way? Next week in Relief Society we will be discussing Elder M. Russell Ballard's masterful address on the state of the family in our day. His discourse on the family and it's impact on society gives us a clear perspective of why our Heavenly Father "has extended to us the privilege of our own family, which was previously only His, to help us become more like Him." Please review his talk and ponder the challenges that your families are currently experiencing, and how to combat the influence of the adversary as he attacks the family worldwide. I was strengthened by his reassurance that "none of us will ever be so lost that we cannot find our way again through His (Christ's) Atonement and His teachings". I look forward to meeting with you next Sunday!

Love, Sister Stoddard

Click HERE to read the talk.


Family Search Indexing Instructions

Summary: To perform indexing you must download and install a program on your computer. You will run this program to download a batch of forms to index and to perform the indexing. The program requires the internet to download and submit the data.

1. Obtain username and password on LDS.org. Can use the same username and password for indexing as well. Need member record number if you have not signed up yet.

2. Go to "https://familysearch.org/volunteer/indexing/"

3. Select "Get Started" to download the FamilySearch Indexing Program. Note that there are a list of Getting Started Questions and answers that you can read to get additional info.

4. Load the program on your computer.

5. Use the username and password that you setup in Step 1 to log in.

6. If this is your first time running the program, it will ask you questions about which Stake you are in etc...

7. Once the program is up and running and you have logged in, you will want to download a Batch so that you can start to index. I think they will give you a simple one if it is your first time.

8. Choose the Beginning level ones at first.

9. Remember, you can always return the Batch if it is too difficult or you just want to start anew. You have a week to submit a Batch, so you don't have to finish all at once.

10. There are several really good videos on www.youtube.com that provide information on how to index. Go to www.youtube.com and type "Getting Started with Indexing". A good example can be found at:

FamilySearch Indexing Quick Start (latest)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Empty Chairs

As a mother of many and a grandmother of many more, my heartfelt wish is to have everyone in my sphere of influence accounted for in the eternities. I want "no empty chairs" around the kitchen table in my Heavenly Home. (I am counting on great food in the eternities of course!)
I need the Lord's help!
One "truth" I have come to appreciate as I grow older is to "live now what I want later".  If I want for all my family to be with me in the eternities - how much more does our Father in Heaven want all His children around His table too? If I want/NEED His help, I need/WANT to be a help to Him now.
We have a wonderful Relief Society/Young Women Combined Dinner/Activity "A Soleful Celebration" planned for this Tuesday, 7PM, the Cultural Hall at the Church.
I hope each of us will make sure there are "no empty chairs" at our table. Who is missing? Which sister that we visit teach/know is absent? How do we make sure each woman or young woman in our sphere of influence KNOWS we want them to be by us as we eat and have fun together?
Let's make it a goal that the Lord can count on us. That, with His help, there be "NO EMPTY CHAIRS" now and forever!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sisters, do we fully use the power of faith in our lives on a daily basis? Do you pray that the Lord will bless you in "all things" in your daily lives? I know that I don't use this powerful gift as much as I should!

The scriptures are full of stories of men and women with great faith. Noah, Moses, Daniel, Lehi, Nephi, Joseph Smith and many others acted in pure faith calling on the powers of heaven so miracles could be wrought. Are we in need of miracles in our lives? What are some of the things that worry us? Are we asking in faith then acting in faith?

Lesson 17 in the manual is filled with amazing stories of faith from the life of President George Albert Smith. Take some time to read them this week and come prepared to share stories from your own life where acting in faith has caused mighty (or mini) miracles.

Here is the link to the lesson. Click HERE.

I know that when we share our own stories of faith we can help build faith in others!


Monday, September 10, 2012

A Soleful Celebration

Don't forget to bring/wear shoes that "say something" about you. Also, we are starting a shoe drive at the activity. Please bring a pair of new or gently used shoes to donate to the Richardson Clothes Closet for RISD students.

September Newsletter


It is Sunday evening, and I was reading a few more quotes that I love, and I think the reason is because I stop and ponder after every one to see how it applies to me. I know the times that I read the scriptures and then ponder how they apply to me, I get the most from them. Hope you enjoy these thoughts, all by unknown authors. Guess we will have to call them aphorisms, since I'm not certain whom I am quoting!

1. Don't make a permanent decision for your  temporary emotion.
2. Holding a grudge is like letting someone remain rent-free in your head.
3. Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength.
4. Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go.
5. Worrying is like a rocking chair, you have something to do, but you don't get anywhere.
6. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.
7. Who gossips to you,will gossip about you.
8. At any given moment you have the power to say, this is not how the story is going to end.
9.Gratitude turns what we have into enough.
10. The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.
11. Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.

and finally a quote......
12. Our only valid spiritual competition is with our old selves, not with each other. (Neal Maxwell)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feeling Your Prayers

For me, some days can be more filled with the Spirit than others. Today was one of those days. From the time a bright white dove fluttered away in greeting to me this morning with its characteristic mournful sound, I knew it was going to be a day of inspiration. During my morning reading, I was led to exactly what I shall talk about during Sunday morning's sacrament meeting. Thank you all for your prayers! I can literally feel them. My evening jog through the park was an absolute delight as tiny fireflies danced and lit up the semi-darkness. In my imagination, I thought of each twinkling firefly as representing one of your prayers. All of the fireflies shining their lights together brightened the sky. It is the same when we pray together for a cause as Heavenly Father hears our prayers in unison. Each one of your faithful prayers is recognized by Heavenly Father and sometimes by those for whom you have prayed.

Rachel Roark

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Visiting Teaching - Special Needs - Me?

I have lived in this ward/area a LONG time and have had many Visiting Teaching Companionships. Some of the women have become my best friends (like Karen Bateman and Kay Hollingsworth) and others I have "endured".
As Laurie Johnson and I work on Visiting Teaching each month and try to figure out where to fill the holes and with whom, I am reminded of a woman I was asked to visit teach with and it wasn't an easy fit. I would make appointments when I thought she "might" not be able to go as it would be easier for me to sit and talk without her "prickly" presence in the room. She always wanted to get right to the lesson and I would want to wander around it. She did not agree with me always bringing a treat and I did not like her telling me what to do. It was a difficult service experience for me. (And certainly for her too.)
I was concerned that the women we visited would pick up the fact that we were so uncomfortable with each other!
I really could not complain about her. She was always willing to go (at very specific times and dates) and she was willing to make appointments (for those specific times and dates) and/or teach the lesson. We just did not gel. Consequently I do not believe the "Charity Never Faileth" applied here because I do not think I had much Charity.
We were eventually changed but I have always felt badly about how I handled this Visiting Teaching assignment with her and how I had really missed the whole point of what Visiting Teaching is about.
This September Visiting Teaching Message concerns appreciating the "Special Needs" of the women we visit. The question might be, in my case anyway, who had more "needs" than I did at that time? Sometimes each of us might need a little extra encouragement from each other; or a little extra slack from each other; OR just a recognition that any relationship is work and have we put "work" into the person we visit teach with as well as the women we are called to visit?
When I read the lesson this month in the ENSIGN, I laughed out loud as I wondered - at various times in my "visiting teaching life" who has had more "needs" than me? How many times did I think my ways of going about the visits were "special"!
I think the whole Visiting Teaching dynamic can be difficult. And I think it is supposed to be challenging as we stretch ourselves to be with people we did not chose and we are being asked to "watch over" people who might not want our help or time.
I do appreciate all the many ways the women in this ward stretch themselves to work with the women they visit teach as well as the partnerships.
I hope we will continue to "watch care" over the sisters  - whether they have "special needs" or not.

Sabbath Day & The Sacrament

Dear Sisters,
On Sunday, September 9th, we will be discussing lesson number 16 from Teachings of the Presidents of the Church featuring the kind George Albert Smith. Our topic is twofold: Holiness of the Sabbath Day and Partaking of the Sacrament.

I love the view point of looking at all we can do on Sunday versus all we can't. Think about what you do on Sunday that you aren't able to do the rest of the week. In addition, what are the blessings we receive from partaking of the Lord's sacrament?

You can read the talk HERE.

Shirlee Chaillet


Last night we had a great turn out at the Book Club meeting. It was fun to get together after the summer break and establish new friendships with some sisters who came to Book Club for the first time. Everyone took a turn talking about the book(s) they read over the summer--which proved to be a great way to get new reading recommendations! Sister Doerk provided some yummy treats, including fresh strawberries stuffed with a cream cheese dip. Yum! Thank you everyone who came and participated!

During September, we will be reading Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. It is a children's book (age 8+) with a lot of great discussion topics. Everyone is invited to read the book and then join us for the discussion on October 2nd at 7:30pm.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Consistency, cont.

As a follow-up to the charge given in Relief Society today, here are some talks to read and ponder this week as we all work on consistently improving and always progressing. (Click on the Talk/Author to go to the webpage.)

More Diligent and Concerned at Home, Elder Bednar

Always, Elder Eyring

On Staying Power, Elder Perry

Steadfast and Immoveable, Sister Smoot

The Dedication of a Lifetime, Elder Oaks