Saturday, June 21, 2014

Teaching For Our Times


This week our lesson will focus on "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan," from Elder Gifford Nielsen message in October 2013 General Conference. Elder Nielsen encourages us all to put think about our personal "game plan" for sharing the gospel and participating in missionary work. 

As you prepare for our discussion, please think about your "strategy" for the work. I hope we can share our success stories of member missionary work and encourage each other to reach outside ourselves to share the love of our Savior!

See you Sunday!

Annie Reid

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Joseph Fielding Smith, Chapter 11

Dear Sisters,

Our discussion topic this Sunday is “Honoring the Priesthood Keys Restored through Joseph Smith” and is found in Chapter 11 of Joseph Fielding Smith, The Teachings of President of the Church.

Since we had a great discussion last month on the Priesthood, I would like for us to focus on two concepts found in Chapter 11 this Sunday. Those two concepts are Honor and Keys.  As you consider these please ask yourself the following questions: 
  • What is the difference between holding an office in the priesthood and holding priesthood keys? 
  • How do we honor the priesthood?
I look forward to discussing this subject with you on Sunday.

Sonia Brown

Time Out for Women

Ladies, Time Out for Women is coming to our area again this September along with Time Out for Girls. If you've ever attended you'll know that this is an opportunity to build yourself up and come away stronger. It's an opportunity to go with a group of friends, or go alone and make new friends there.  See their website for more information.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Joseph Fielding Smith, Chapter 10, "Our Search For Truth"

Joseph Fielding Smith said, "Our sole objective, where the truths of salvation are concerned, should be to find out what the Lord has revealed and then to believe and act accordingly.

If we will follow the spirit of light, the spirit of truth, the spirit that is set forth in the revelations of the Lord; if we will, through the spirit of prayer and humility, seek for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, the Lord will increase our light and our understanding; so that we shall have the spirit of discernment, we shall understand the truth, we shall know falsehood when we see it, and we shall not be deceived."

Sisters please be thinking about laws, principles or truths that have been saving in nature for you or have had an impact on your life.

Karen Armstrong

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Baseball Ready!"

It is little league baseball season in the Roark household. After spending forty-five minutes hunting for a baseball uniform, we all piled in the car for an enjoyable day at the ballpark. 

The opposing baseball team was quite fascinating to me as they frequently yelled and reminded each other to be "Baseball Ready!" When kids were found in the outfield slouching or playing in the dirt, all of the adults would remind the kids to be "Baseball Ready!" 

Honestly, the game of baseball has always been miserably boring to me until today. Standing around waiting on the off-chance that a baseball might fly in your direction does not sound like my idea of fun.  However, maybe my perspective has been wrong all along.  There is a difference between standing in the field playing in the dirt and standing in the field with knees bent and glove at the ready. That difference is one hundred percent found in the attitude that the ball IS coming in your direction at some point. Good outfielders are expecting the ball at all times and so they position themselves to catch it. Poor outfielders don't ever expect the ball to make it to them and so they are caught unawares playing in the dirt. "Baseball Ready!" requires diligence.

Might I suggest to you that we as individuals in the church become "Spiritually Ready!" This means that we do our basics of Family Home Evening, scripture study, and daily family prayer as the prophets have repeatedly counseled us. It also means that we spend our time putting ourselves in the position to help others when we are needed. 

Just as the coaches and parents of the baseball team frequently shouted "Baseball Ready!" to the semi-inattentive group of seven year olds, let us not weary of reminding ourselves to be "Spiritually Ready!" Playing in the dirt is big fun but we have a game to play.

 - Rachel Roark

Funeral Service for Paula Hibbs

Sister Paula Hibbs passed away on Sunday, June 1. There will be a public viewing in Dallas, Texas at the Meandering Way Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 14740 Meandering Way, Dallas, Texas on Friday, June 6th from 9 am to 11 am with funeral services following at 11 am. Burial will be in the Restland Cemetery at 13005 Greenville Ave., Dallas, Texas.